In the Meantime

March 2014 began what we expected to be the life most new parents in our stage were experiencing. Laughter with out fear of the next ultrasound/x-ray, trips to the grocery store with out bystanders staring at your baby’s harness/cast and pure joy which radiated from our son’s face. July 16th was so far away; out of sight, out of mind.

As the months progressed, Mason began to crawl at lightening speed. I truly believe the weeks spent in a harness only encouraged his determination to move. He began to pull up to standing which revealed a leg length discrepancy that reminded us of what loomed ahead. His personality bloomed and we found we had one very spirited, very happy child. I remember friends and family commenting on his happiness, even with the frequent ear infections that developed each time he caught the “daycare germs”.

On July 14th, mother’s intuition struck again. Mason exemplified his normal signs of an ear infection which was confirmed by his pediatrician. What was different this time around? I had taken the day off to visit my co-workers and introduce them to my son for the first time. I had completed the paper work for another leave of absence certain it would transpire. I had mentally prepared myself, I had all the supplies, I thought I was ready.

Driving back from the office with my son screaming in pain, I received notice his surgeon cancelled the procedure scheduled just two days later as a precaution. For the remainder of the ride, I joined my son and had a complete breakdown: the really ugly, screaming and crying bang the steering wheel kind. When I put the car in park, I knew what I had to do: roll with the punches, God wasn’t finished with me yet.

Rescheduling the surgery wasn’t as easy as I anticipated. With his surgeon out of town two weeks in August, I didn’t think we’d ever move forward. As dates circled around, we visited a new ENT who recommended Mason have tubes placed in his ears. Not only should he have tubes, but why not schedule both surgeries to take place on the same day? Anesthesia would be administered once, hallelujah.

Finally, a date was confirmed: September 2. Mason would have tubes placed and an open reduction surgery, all we had to due was wait a few more weeks.

On Sunday, August 2, 2014, our Pastor, Andy Stanley, started a new series entitled “In the Meantime” with two life lessons for me to learn:

  • What to do when there’s nothing left to do, and
  • Receiving adversity as a gift with a purpose and a promise.

This series revealed to me how to embrace our journey with hip dysplasia. Most importantly, God revealed to me how he would use the trials we experienced to minister to others and ultimately “encourage a growing relationship with Jesus Christ”. How did he use our story? You’re reading it now.


About hsg2011

I am a daughter, sister, wife and mother with a passion for writing and a desire to comfort and help other hip families by sharing our story, tips and insight.
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