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Spica Cast Must-Haves

Let me open with this: it’s really not as bad as you’re thinking. With any change to your child’s schedule/routine comes a few nights of lost sleep coupled with tears from both you and your baby. However, I am a … Continue reading

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Curve Ball

We had two months of normalcy: normal baths, normal play and normal diaper changes. I was actually excited about diaper changes: no straps to go under, loop through or avoid. We finally felt we had the experience we were supposed … Continue reading

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Pavlik Harness – Tips & Tricks

As a mother with a “Type A” personality, six weeks in the Pavlik Harness meant I had to find a way to (A) keep it clean and (B) keep Mason comfortable. I spent hours researching blogs and hipdysplasia.org to develop a system … Continue reading

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Mason Ray Groover – My Testimony

Sunday, October 6, 2013 – My husband and I sat across from each other for what would be our last meal as a family of two. Mason was a week late, and we were scheduled for an induction the following … Continue reading

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